Our Mission:
Provide alternative, natural way of healing without using industrialized pharmaceuticals.


Don't GET "FAK'D"... GET BAK'D



The highest quality doesn’t have to come with the highest price. We offer an assortment of products that are exotic as well as budget friendly on all levels. From  a newly novice to an exquisite connoisseur we guarantee you’ll find the best way to not only GET BAK’D, but to GET BAK’D YOUR way!

Patient needs constantly evolve… So does our menu!

Our objective is to provide a menu that is more diverse and up to date with the latest strains and products for the most effective treatment for our patients. From Cannabis Flower, tinctures, topicals, edibles, extracts and many more products we have you covered!

Patient needs constantly evolve... So does our menu!

We Heal Different!


We Heal Different!

100% Oklahoma owned Dispensary dedicated to providing each patient their individual needs to heal naturally. Our staff is just as diverse as the menu we offer. Hands-on expertise and more importantly down to earth and informed local Okies! Are you medicating from good hands?